Office Cleaning: An Easy to Follow Schedule

Office cleaning and home cleaning are not the same thing! An office generally sees a much greater amount of traffic and therefore requires more frequent cleaning to avoid a build up of dirt and the spread of illness.

An unclean office could have a negative effect on your bottom line.  Many studies show that employees are more productive in cleaner environments. An unclean office may increase sick days taken due to germ spread. It may also discourage clients who form negative first impressions based on your office cleanliness.

To help you avoid the pitfalls of an unclean office, we’ve put together a recommended office cleaning list.

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks:

  • Vacuum all floors
  • Mop high traffic floor areas such entrances, lunch areas and public areas
  • Empty all bins and replace dustbin bags
  • Disinfect all surfaces and counters
  • Spot clean glass partitions and windows
  • Disinfect all door handles and high traffic office equipment (printers, microwaves, etc)
  • Do office dishes – do not leave dirty dishes over night
  • Bathroom facilities should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Refill soap and tile paper dispensers

Weekly Tasks:

  • Polish hard wood floor and furniture
  • Polish any metal items that may require polishing (eg: brass)
  • Wash glass partitions and windows
  • Empty out old food and disinfect fridge
  • Disinfect dustbins
  • Spot clean walls
  • Wash items such as dish towels and hand towels

Monthly Office Cleaning Tasks:

  • Wash walls
  • Dust all high surfaces
  • Deep Vacuum (fabric chairs, blinds, curtains and any crevasses where dust may collect)
  • Scrub and deep clean surfaces

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