Floor Stripping, Sealing and Maintenance

floor stripping

Proper floor stripping, sealing and maintenance will keep your floors looking newer for longer. Sealing your floor will protect the surface underneath from dirt and damage. It will also make the cleaning process faster and easier. Overall, your floors will look noticeably better, be cleaner and last longer.

How often should stripping, sealing and maintenance be carried out?

This largely depends on foot traffic. A floor with large amounts of foot traffic can require stripping and sealing as often as 6 months. Lower traffic floors may only require stripping and sealing every 12 months. Areas that receive particularly heavy loads or abrasive contact (like the floor of a car dealership or the floor of a loading bay) may require more frequent maintenance.

Maintenance can be done every day but should not be less frequently than once a week. Again, this depends on the amount and type of traffic the area experiences. Highly visible areas (like your reception area) or area where hygiene is higher priority (like bathrooms and kitchens) should be cleaned and maintained every day. You can maintain storerooms and private offices less frequently but not forgo it.

What products do I use?

For floor stripping we recommend either Strip N.A. (No Ammoniated) or Constrip (Ammoniated). Strip N/A is a fast acting, low foam, non-ammoniated stripper. It removes polymer floor dressings in confined areas. On the other hand, Constrip is an ammoniated stripper, for effective removal of polymer floor dressing. It is for use it on all floors except linoleum and wood.

When your floors are adequately prepped, we recommend using either Polyglo or Polycote for sealing. Polyglo is more expensive but is a more efficient product. You will need to apply less product and will need less curing time. Polycote is cheaper but will take a while to cure and you will need a large amount of product to achieve a good result.

Once the stripping and sealing is completed, we recommend using Mop n Buff for your maintenance.

What tools can I use for stripping and sealing?

For larger areas we recommend using a scrubber/polisher machine to make the job quicker and easier. Manage smaller areas with a manual applicator.

What makes Chem Strat’s floor stripping, sealing and maintenance chemicals superior?

We produce all our floor stripping, sealing and maintenance products according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our chemist, who has over 35 years of experience, takes the greatest care to ensure all our products are developed to the highest quality. Furthermore, our products are 100% cruelty free.

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