Office Germs: How to Fight Them

office germs

Office germs may be invisible, but they are plentiful! With many people coming and going, from many different places, germ transference happens at an alarming rate in offices. Dr. Lisa Ackerley identified 6 office germ hotspots and we’ve come up with a way to fight germs in each of these hotspots!

In the fridge

Some of the most horrendous office germs are found inside fridges. Yup, the same place you keep your lunch! It is not uncommon to find food poisoning bacteria inside fridges. The risk only increases with every different lunch box that is put (and left) inside the fridge.

This germ hot spot is one of the most neglected in office cleaning routines. Clean out your office fridge just as you would your home fridge. Use a kitchen sponge and Bluey to give the fridge a good and thorough clean!


Office germs on your desk

With your desk being one of the filthiest places in the office and the place where you spend a lot of time, you’re going to want to make sure it is being cleaned with a good disinfectant.

Use spray and wipe to combat office germs. Apply a healthy amount to your desk and wipe thoroughly. Don’t forget areas like your keyboard, mouse and phone. Then take comfort.  Your desk is thoroughly de-germed. Bonus: your office smells clean now too!

Office Germs - Desk

On your keyboard and mouse


Since your keyboard and mouse are on your desk, they are getting the same office germ action that your desk is. They have the added risk of being held for long periods at a time. Aside from the germ transfer from your hand, there is risk in them being held for long periods of time. It increases their average temperature. Many types of germs incubate in warmer temperatures.

Be sure to disinfect with spray and wipe when you clean your desk. If you share a desk space with other people, you may want to make wiping down your equipment part of your daily routine.

Hidden office germs on your mug (yes, even there!)

Shared mugs are the playground of office germs and an easy way to spread illness. If you have the option, use your own mug. Store it at your desk to make sure you are the only one using it.

Wash your mug in hot water and TopDet every day.

Office Germs - Keyboard
Office Germs - Mug

All over the photocopier

The photocopier is generally a high traffic piece of equipment. Many hands use it every day.
You cannot control whether the other hands are washed but you can control yours!

Put up Sani Soap dispensers in areas with high traffic equipment to encourage cleanliness and reduce office germs.

Office germs on the door handles

Dr. Lisa Ackerley points out research that shows about a quarter of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. The very next thing they will then touch is a door handle.

Wash dor handles daily – especially the bathroom door handles and doors in communal areas. Use Whizz to remove all the built-up grime too.

Office Germs - PhotoCopier
Office Germs - Door Handles

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