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Garage Deep Clean

For most individuals – whether a working Batchelor, student or part of a big family – the garage is often that dreaded place in the house overflowing with every object under the sun. So, while having a place to dump your miscellaneous gear can be convenient, it can often become a disorganised mess. So, if you’re currently thinking about your garage, and how messy it is – continue to read our blog for a few useful tips for keeping your garage space clean and tidy.
Before we begin, it is important to note that maintaining a clean space provides you with more multipurpose space for other miscellaneous tasks and storage. In addition to having a cleaner, more organised space ensuring your garage is clean and tidy eliminates pest problems and warrants a more hygienic, germ-free space. So to begin, here are six useful hacks to ensuring a clean and tidy garage;

Declutter the Ground, Tables & other Surfaces

Pick a day to designate to pulling everything out of your garage and into your driveway or yard. It may seem productive to tackle one corner at a time but you only end up moving stuff from one end to another. Once everything is out, you can easily assess any damage, dirt, and grime. Hereafter you can begin deep cleaning the space.

Eliminate, Donate or Sell

Once you have cleared everything out of the garage, it’s time to sort. Categories all your items into piles: keep, donate/sell and eliminate. Purge once, and then go back through the piles and purge again.

Ask yourself whether you will definitely use the item again, or if you have used it in the past year – be realistic and honest.  Sometimes it can be difficult separating from those items with sentimental value or something you think you MIGHT use one day. But, clearing out that old tennis racket, and that box of toys your children haven’t looked at in years, can help clear clutter. Broken, rusted and perished items should be tossed immediately.

When it comes to DIY Equipment and tools, consider what you’ll use frequently and what can be borrowed or rented when needed. We get it – a lot of us consider ourselves a ‘Bob the Builder’ and hoard an amalgamation of old nails, screws, off cuts of wood, and expired paints. A garage can often turn into a disorganised home workshop – so it is important to ensure it is kept tidy, organised, and useful.

Seal Cracks and Repair Hazards

Garages often bear the brunt of harsh whether conditions and neglect. Often garages are not necessarily heated or cooled, and as such temperature fluctuations and moisture cause mildew, cracking, leaks and other issues. Since we don’t spend ample time in the garage, these issues often go unnoticed until they’re difficult to repair.
Frequently clean the gutters around your garage, and look for signs of damp or water damage. Take this time to check all the lighting, sockets and seals around your windows. Not only do you want to protect the space from weather conditions, but also intruders.

Dust, Wash, Clean & Paint your Garage

Garages can have house mouse droppings, bugs, chemicals, bacteria and all sorts of things floating around that you want to avoid. Put that broom to use! Thoroughly clean out all the corners, wash down the walls and floors and ensure everything is dust free. Do this regularly to ensure you maintain a safe, sanitary space for you and your family.

Here at Chemstrat, we have a wide range of cleaning chemicals suited for deep cleaning or even simple everyday use. Take a look at our product catalogue.

Put in Shelves, Hooks & More

Once you have decluttered and decided what is staying and what is going – you need to find storage solutions that work for you. Depending on what you have in your garage, the space available, and what you need to store, you may find yourself in some tough storage dilemmas. Shelves, boxes, hooks, and wall tracks are a great way to keep things off the ground and tables, safe and organised.

Re-assemble & Re-commit

Now that you have a beautifully clean, fresh, and decluttered garage, it’s time to put everything back. Arrange the necessities neatly in easy to reach places that can be quickly organised to avoid chaos and clutter. Most importantly, organise into marked groups – sporting, gardening, tools, car repair.
If you store your trash and recycling in your garage, ensure you keep things in bags, tightly sealed to prevent outdoor, bacteria growth and vermin. Clean down your rubbish bins monthly to ensure the space remains clean and hygienic. As you continue to return all your items neatly to your garage, keep purging and eliminating. You want to really aim for a garage where things are easily accessible and organised.

Even though it may seem tedious, cleaning out your garage is a must! The rewards are well worth the effort – not only do you save money and keep your house cleaner, but you also protect you cars, bikes and other items as they are stored neatly in a clean, dry environment.