7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean | Chemstrat

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There is no better time to adopt routine cleaning tactics than right now during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Majority of us are still working remotely from home. So, even though working from bed during these colder months does found enticing, it is important to have a hygienic and organised working space to be productive in. Follow these simple tips for keeping your home office clean.

1. Regularly Remove Everything

Every once in a while, it’s good to have a deep clean of your home office. Remove all items form your desk, shelves and your drawers. Place them into boxes so that you don’t create even more of a mess while you clean. Take this opportunity to dust off, wipe down and disinfect your surfaces before returning all your items to their designated places.

2. Assess your items, declutter & Organise

People tend to build up a stock-pile of stuff that often goes untouched for months, and even years if you don’t take the time to declutter your space. While deep cleaning your home office, take the time to assess each item you have. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much stuff you can actually get rid of, creating a cleaner, more organised workspace. It is a good idea to categorise your items in order to help your assessment of what’s staying and what’s going.

3. Disinfect Your Home Office Daily

Additionally, in order to maintain a clean home office, one should disinfect their surfaces a couple times a day. Given how easily germs can spread, it is important to have cleaning wipes and disinfectants on hand at all times. Spraying a gentle sanitising spray over your items is sufficient, and will assist with keeping your space clean and hygienic. It is most important to conduct such routines in times like these, where contracting COVID-19 is a reality.

4. Don’t Eat At Your Desk

An easy way of making a mess of your home office is by eating at it. Cross contamination and further spreading of germs and bacteria is increased by eating at your desk. Take a moment to break away from your work environment by taking a lunch break and eating in a different area of your home.

5. Clean Your Electronics

Technology is prone to collecting dust, grime and germs. Above and beyond regularly dusting down your home office, make a point of cleaning your electronics properly. Chemstrat has a range of disinfectant cleaners that you can utilise to thoroughly clean and disinfect your work electronics.

6. Clean Up Before & After You Work

Start and end your day off on a good note! Make a habit of cleaning your work space before and after you work. It takes a couple minutes to reorganise, wipe down and disinfect your work office station and helps maintain order and hygiene in the long run.

7. Have an Easily Accessible Dustbin

Not having a rubbish bin is one of the biggest culprits for the cluttering of a home office. People tend to push old papers and throwaways to a corner of their workspace to deal with at a later stage. Before you know it, you’ve got a gigantic pile of rubbish gathering dust on your desk. Having an easily accessible bin assists you in regularly discarding of unnecessary rubbish, keeping your space clean.

By using these tips for keeping your home office clean and organised, you can ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Additionally these tips will assist you in finding a new way to stay productive during these uncertain times.