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keeping your house clean

Keeping your house clean with a pooch or kitty running around is a challenge for all pet owners. Not only is it impossible to communicate verbally with them, but no one really wants to scold their little fluff ball for making muddy foot prints all the way through the house when all they really
Here are a few tested and proven tricks and tips to keep the pet dirt at bay. With just a few preventative measures, you can enjoy the luxury of a clean home as well as a cuddle with your furry friend on the couch.

Keep Your Pets Clean

As a general rule, most dogs benefit from a bath at least once a month. Regularly cleaning your pets will assist in keeping your house clean. If your pet is spending a lot more time outdoors, and will potentially bring in unwanted dirt, dust and germs, it can be wise to bathe them more regularly. It sounds obvious, but dirt removed through grooming is dirt not lying around in your home. While you shouldn’t use pet shampoos and soaps too often, a quick rinse down with plain water can make the world of difference.

Once you have rinsed off your dogs however, it is important to keep them in a confined area until they are nice and dry. Dogs often love going to roll around on the grass, and in dirt, to dry themselves off – making the entire process redundant. Alternatively, if you have a long-haired dog, consider brushing them more often than washing them. This also assists with removing loose hairs, dust and dirt particles while also maintaining your dogs natural oil levels in their fur coat.

Regularly Clean your Pets Belongings

Bacteria can often collect on your animals’ beds, blankets and joys. Regularly washing these items will prevent excess bacteria from spreading around your house. Additionally, if your pets suffer from grass allergies for example, ensuring their belongings are clean will assist in improving their symptoms. In addition to this, ensure that you wash their water and food bowls regularly. Dogs for example, have a hard time keeping their water and kibbles inside the bowl when eating. Food remnants attract unwanted insects and pests.

Brush Down your Animals Regularly and Make Use of Lint Rollers

Oft times you will notice your house, and its contents are covered with a layer of pet fur. If your animals shed their fur, it is advised that you brush them down regularly to prevent fur from being transferred onto your furniture. It also allows you to bond with your little fur baby, and give them a couple minutes of undivided attention and tummy tickles.

A handy alternative is making use of lint rollers. These sticky rollers are your best friend and can be used to clean down almost any item in your home. You can quickly remove all hair fibers and dust particles from your couch pillows, tablecloths, and jerseys.

Always have an Emergency Cleaner on Hand

When keeping your house clean with little fur babies running around, it is essential to have an all-purpose cleaner in the cupboard at all times. Fill a squirt bottle with half water, half white vinegar and your favourite dish-washing soap. This concoction is pet-friendly and will work on anything from floors, to walls and even spills on that new suede couch you just brought home. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a strong chemical cleaner or disinfectant to clean up unwanted smells and spoils that come with the territory of having an animal in the house. Here at Chemstrat, we have a wide range of cleaners and disinfectants that are safe to use in your home.