Kitchen Organisation: Keeping The Heart of Your Home Clean & Tidy


It can often feel almost impossible to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen. So, whether you are a family of five in a beautiful house, or a Batchelor juggling the challenges of a small apartment kitchen, here are simple tips that you can implement in order to bring some organisation and cleanliness back into the kitchen.

Analyse your Kitchen Space:

Today’s kitchens are not simply for food storage and cooking. Modern kitchens are often part of the main living area, and serve as a multi-purpose space. Does your kitchen counter serve as a desk for homework in the afternoons? Is this where you hold the majority of your social events and entertainment? Consider all the functions this space serves in your house. From here you can plan how your organisation can accommodate all the needs of your household.

Declutter your utensils drawers:

No one likes a cluttered utensils drawer. Over the years we tend to gather a multitude of duplicate utensils and never get around to chucking out the old ones. Before you begin organising, sort through everything and give away or throw out utensils that are old and tacky, broken, or unused. Along these lines, instead of digging through a pile of spoons, forks, and peelers, invest in a modular drawer organiser to sort everything into its own little compartment for perfect organisation.

Choose Clear Storage Containers or Wire Baskets:

Before you begin organising your fridge or pantry into storage containers, clear out! You need to pare down and get rid of non-essentials, and those old or expired spices and dried foods. You know – the ones that have been pushed to the back of your cupboard for months.
Once you have grouped everything, you can place your fridge and pantry stables into see-through, glass or plastic containers or wire baskets. The transparent organisation allows you to quickly locate particular foods and other items and also helps you quickly recognise what needs restocking or replenishment. In addition, these are also quick easy to clean with our multi-purpose cleaners, allowing for a clean and hygienic space for you and your family.

Hang It Up:

If you find yourself short on storage in your kitchen, out the walls to work! Hooks, shelves and hangers are the best way to create extra storage. Hanging mugs, cooking utensils and pots and pans underneath a shelve, or along the wall allows you to have your favourite spatula and coffee mug at arm’s reach. With this said however, kitchen organisation doesn’t always have to be boring and purely functional. Floating Shelves are also great place for extra dishes, cook book and even pot plants and other decorative items. Throw some of these decorative yet functional items into the mix, creating a space-saving yet attractive display in your kitchen. Flowers, books, gourmet spices, oils and crockery.

Stow Large Appliances

Kitchen organisation begins on the counters. No one enjoys preparing a meal in cramped spaces. You don’t need every appliance out on the countertops. Store big and unused appliances in deep drawers or pull-out shelves. This gives you more space to prepare and cook meals. Storing appliances will immediately make your kitchen feel bigger, lighter and more organised.